The best PHP developer conferences 2022

The list was updated in 2022.

PHP conferences are a great place to network with like-minded PHP developers and learn from the best software engineers in our field. Thousands of conferences happening around the world, but not all of them are equally good. Below is my list of 10 best PHP conferences to attend in 2022. I personally attended every conference on the list.

DevTernity 2022

Location: Zoom, Online Date: 9–10 Dec 2022

Conference DevTernity is one of the most demanded developer conferences in Europe. Located in beautiful city of Riga, this conference focuses on coding, architecture and leadership skills. The first conference’s day is packed with high-quality talks. The second day is devoted to full-day workshops. This conference is in demand among developers and tickets are rarely available. If you can get ticket to this event – lucky you.

Laracon EU

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Date: 18–19 Jan 2021

Unconference Laracon is the official Laravel conference centered around the Laravel framework, covering its development, uses, and related general software development topics. Laracon has taken place in the United States, Europe and online in the past. Typically, the conference happens in the United States and Europe every year. The conference covers topics other than Laravel, such as software architecture, coding practices, TDD and much more.


Location: Budapest, Hungary Date: 13–16 Oct 2022

Unconference CRAFT is a well-organized general software development conference in Europe. The conference organizers excel at everything they do – from organization to the content. Here you will learn about tools, methods, and practices from the best speakers and practitioners in the software development community. It’s a really good event, but four days may be too much.

GOTO Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany Date: 26–30 Oct 2022

Unconference GOTO is a general software development conference that covers wide range of topics from coding to management. The content is very diverse and thought-provoking. The conference allows you to meet new people easily and hang out at one of the expo booths, because there is plenty of breaks and room available between sessions. The conference also runs in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

The Lead Developer

Location: London, UK Date: 1–2 Feb 2021

Unconference As a tech lead, you have to be a great developer. But you also need to be a good team leader, be commercially astute, and stay on top of all the tech developments and trends coming over the horizon. The Lead Developer conference prepares you for a tech leaders role and covers the wide range of topics that every lead developer need to know. Great conference!

GOTO Chicago

Location: Chicago, United States Date: 27–1 Apr 2022

Unconference Organized by developers, GOTO Chicago focuses on the latest trends in software engineering. The conference covers both deeply technical topics, as well as soft topics such as career and teamwork. The conference is well-organized. Majority of speakers are really good. If you are looking for a conference in the US and don’t have opportunity to visit Europe, then GOTO Chicago is perhaps the best choice.

SCLConf London

Location: London, UK Date: 3–4 Oct 2021

Unconference SC is the place where passionate software craftspeople, community, and thought leaders come together. Being a software craftsperson calls on many hard and soft skills. This is where the mindset of a software craftsperson comes in and SCLConf is where this mindset plus latest technologies; agile ways of working and tools will be showcased and nurtured.

Build Stuff

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania Date: 11–15 Nov 2022

Unconference Build Stuff Lithuania is one of the largest software development events in Baltics. The conference is well-organized, has many good speakers and diversity of talks. What makes this conference particularly great is that it’s not just another money-making conference. It’s organized with passion and special care about attendees and speakers.


Location: Soltau, Germany Date: 27–30 Aug 2022

Unconference SoCraTes is about software craftsmanship, sustainable creation of useful software in a responsible way. The event is run as a non-profit, low-cost event and has a lot of highly collaborative interactions and Open Space sessions. You should attend this event if you want are ready to interact with other attendees, not just sit and listen.


Location: Malmö, Sweden Date: 3–6 Nov 2022

Unconference The conference gathers more than one thousand participants to talk about literally everything related to software development. Diversity of talks is making Øredev interesting conference to attend. Where else you can hear a talk about behavioral neuroscience? The average quality of talks is good, but sometimes you can come across a low quality talk.

Still in doubt? Go to DevTernity.

I picked the best PHP conferences for your convenience from the ultimate list. Now, make a good choice and mark your calendar. Prices may vary based on how early you register. Also, remember that hotel and travel costs are generally separate from the conference pricing. Enjoy!