.NET Conferences 2019

The list was updated in 2019.

This is the ultimate list of all .NET conferences in Europe and USA. The list includes call-for-papers (CFP) dates. All the information here has been compiled correctly to the best of my knowledge. If you notice that I’ve left out a .NET conference or conference date that’s been published in the meantime, please comment.

5 upcoming .NET conferences

Name Location Date CFP
DotNetSouth.Tech Atlanta, U.S.A. 8–10 May 19
DotNetSouth.Tech Atlanta, U.S.A. 13–14 May 19
🏅The Principal Developer Riga, Latvia 23–24 May 19
BASTA! Mainz, Germany 23–27 Sep 19
🏅DevTernity 2019 Riga, Latvia 6–7 Dec 19