Hi. 👋

My name is Eduards Sizovs /ɛdwərd sɪzov/. I am a professional software developer, trainer, speaker, and conference organizer. I am 33 years old.

It's me in 2019.

I’ve been involved in enterprise software development for over 15 years as a developer, architect, CTO, IT director, and independent consultant. Today, through training and mentoring I help teams establish good coding culture, accelerate development process, and improve hiring process.

I lead DevTernity conference, where we turn developers into architects and engineering leaders. It has been recognized as one of the best developer conferences in Europe.

I personally spoke at 103 events Worldwide, including conferences with 1000+ attendees. You can see me in action:

🎓 I organize a masterclass for software engineers called The Principal Developer. You can hire me to run a training for your team.

When I have time, I contribute to open-source. I built a number of OSS projects such as dev.events, PipelinR, and dev.tube. Some of them have become quite popular.

I’m a certified Enterprise Architect (OCEA), CSM, CSPO, PMP, and an ICF coach. I also hold a CS degree in software engineering. But it doesn’t really matter anyway.