About me

My name is Eduards Sizovs. I am a programmer, trainer, speaker, and a conference organizer.

It's me in 2018, replying to an email.

As a programmer, I’ve been doing commercial software development for 10 years. I quickly grew from a developer to architect, from architect to engineering manager. Then I quit the full-time job and spent 3 years consulting CTOs in Riga and London.

Thanks to Bitcoin and luck lifehacks, I retired early. Today, I develop my tech startup DevTube (#1 Hackernews, #3 ProductHunt). It’s a hub for developer videos.

I am the author of 📚mustread.tech. It’s an open source and crowd-sourced book listing.

As a trainer, I teach developers practical lifehacks.

As a speaker, I regularly appear at conferences and meetups.

As a conference organizer, I’ve been leading DevTernity since 2015.

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My email is [email protected]. I reply within 48 hours.

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