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My name is Eduards Sizovs /ɛdwərdz sɪzovs/. I am a software developer, trainer, speaker, and a conference organizer from Riga, Latvia. I am 31 years old.

It's me in 2019.

I’ve been crafting enterprise software for over fifteen years, primarily in Java. I quickly grew from a developer to architect, from architect to engineering manager, from manager to IT director. Today I keep writing code, mentoring software engineers, and their managers.

I’m a certified Enterprise Architect (OCMEA), certified Scrum Master, certified Product Owner, certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and ICF certified coach.

Learn from me

🎓 The Principal Developer is a two-day masterclass for software development team leaders. Here we deep-dive into engineering practices, Lean software development, soft skills, recruiting, and mentoring.

🎓 Effective Coding Principles and Patterns in Java 14 is a two-day training for Java developers. Here you learn how to develop modern, clean, and maintainable applications using the latest Java best practices, patterns, and libraries.

Attendees say that my training is always practical, inspiring, and high-energy. You can hire me to run a training for your team.

Join DevTernity

I lead DevTernity conference. It’s a must-visit event that has been turning developers into architects and engineering leaders since 2015. It’s among the best developer conferences in Europe.

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dev.tube is a crowd-sourced hub for developer videos.

dev.events is a crowd-sourced event listing.

mustread.tech is a crowd-sourced book listing.

PipelinR is a lightweight command processing pipeline for Java.

Here you can see what’s on my Macbook.


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