I plan my life here

Long-term plan

At 40, I want to live in my house in Naples, Florida with my beautiful wife Julia and kids. I want to continue educating developers by running workshops and speaking on public. That makes me tick.

To achive my goal, I need to be visible on the public:

Projects for the future

Remember that every project must keep people engaged by giving a sense of progress. The user must feel that he is “leveling up”. Belts is amazing. Java Black Belt, Krav Maga etc.


92% say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. 70% say they trust online consumer reviews, most trusted recommendation above all other forms of advertising. Example


One of the hardest parts of the conference is finding good sponsors.There are no






Turn every video into a live-stream. Good for lonely developers.

fake stuff (Fockers 4)



share.pools (soalition)

job boards

secret interviewee

certificate authority

platform for trainers

You say the date, we organize everything. What if I help trainers sell their training? Find people, find venue everything. Sam Newman, Sandro, Yegor & co. They suck at sales and only conferences sell them. Give certification.