The Best Developer Conferences 2019

21 March 2019 · Riga, Latvia · comments

The list was updated in 2019.

Conferences are a great place to network with like-minded developers and learn from the best developers in our field. Thousands of conferences happening around the world, but not all of them are equally good. Below is my list of the best software development conferences of all time. I personally attended every conference on the list.

DevTernity (🏅 Top 3 in Europe)

Audience: developers, architects · Location: Riga, Latvia · Date: 6–7 Dec 2019


DevTernity is the top 3 developer conference in Europe. Located in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful city of Riga, this well-organized conference focuses on the core skills paramount to your success – code design, software architecture and leadership. Organizers promise no agile bulsh**t or marketing talks. This is a must-see event that sells out quickly!



Audience: Java developers · Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia · Date: 25–26 Oct 2019

Unconference This is one of the best conferences organized by Java User Group in Russia. The venue, the staff, the travel organization and of course the audience is excellent. The conference offers good soft and hard-core talk balance. The only issue is that some talks are in Russian. That might scare some international attendees.


Audience: developers, managers · Location: Budapest, Hungary · Date: 7–10 May 2019

Unconference CRAFT is a very well-organized general software development conference in Europe. The conference organizers excel at everything they do – from organization to the content. Here you will learn about tools, methods, and practices from the best speakers and practitioners in the software development community. This is a really good conference.

GOTO Berlin

Audience: developers, managers · Location: Berlin, Germany · Date: 21–25 Oct 2019


GOTO is a general software development conference that covers wide range of topics from coding to management. The content is very diverse and thought-provoking. The conference allows you to meet new people easily and hang out at one of the expo booths, because there is plenty of breaks and room available between sessions. The conference also runs in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

Devoxx Belgium

Audience: Java developers · Location: Antwerp, Belgium · Date: 4–8 Nov 2019


Devoxx is an annual community conference organized by the Belgian Java User Group. Devoxx has become one of the best Java conference in the world. Devoxx sets high standards for other Java conferences. I believe that every Java developer must attend Devoxx at least once (and try Belgian beer). The conference also runs in the London, Poland, Amsterdam and Chicago.

The Lead Developer

Audience: developers, team leaders · Location: London, UK · Date: 11–12 Jun 2019


As a tech lead, you have to be a great developer. But you also need to be a good team leader, be commercially astute, and stay on top of all the tech developments and trends coming over the horizon. The Lead Developer conference prepares you for a tech leaders role and covers the wide range of topics that every lead developer need to know. Really good conference!


Audience: Java developers · Location: Tallinn, Estonia · Date: 26–27 Sep 2019


GeekOut is a high-quality conference for Java developers in a cozy city of Tallinn. It’s well-organized, has a great venue and speakers lineup. GeekOut gathers 600 participants every year and has a better cost/value ratio than other Java conferences in Northern Europe. GeekOut organizers are seasoned Java practitioners with good understanding of what Java developers need to know.

QCon San Francisco

Audience: software architects · Location: San Francisco, US · Date: 4–8 Mar 2019


QCon is a large conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software shops. The conference is well-organized, the talks are diverse, most of them are relevant and deeply technical. That I like about the conference is that you can attend hands-on workshops led by industry experts. The conference also runs in New York, San Francisco, London, Brazil, and Shanghai.


Audience: Java developers · Location: Oslo, Norway · Date: 10 Sep 2019


JavaZone is organized by javaBin, the Norwegian Java User Group. Its goal is to organize a community-driven conference for Java developers where they can learn new things, share knowledge, and socialize. JavaZone is one of the most visited Java conferences in Europe. Every year, the conference gathers many Java champions and takes content quality seriously. The only downside is that the trip can blow your family budget, because Oslo is very expensive city.

The Principal Developer

Audience: development leaders · Location: Riga, Latvia · Date: 23–24 May 2019


If conferences are too theoretical for you and you prefer workshops, consider this 2-day masterclass for experienced engineers. The course takes your technical skills and put them on steroids. You will understand how organizations work, learn secrets of good development processes, improve communication, teamwork, and mentoring skills. The goal of this course is to make you the key asset in any modern technology organization. The course is invite-only and has certain admission requirements.



Audience: Java developers · Location: Stockholm, Sweden · Date: 4-6 Feb 2019


JFokus is a general software development conference about literally everything – Web, DevOps, IoT, AI, Cloud, Big Data, Future and Trends. Even so, I see a major focus on Java, Kotlin, Scala and other JVM languages (hence “J” the name). It’s a large and well-organized conference with some famous speakers on stage. I attended the conference in 2016 together with my team and we liked it.

Build Stuff

Audience: Developers · Location: Vilnius, Lithuania · Date: 13–15 Nov 2019


Build Stuff Lithuania is one of the largest software development events in Baltics. The conference is well-organized, has many good speakers and diversity of talks. What makes this conference particularly great is that it’s not just another money-making conference. It’s organized with passion and special care about attendees and speakers.


Audience: Developers · Location: Soltau, Germany · Date: 22–25 Aug 2019


SoCraTes is about software craftsmanship, sustainable creation of useful software in a responsible way. The event is run as a non-profit, low-cost event and has a lot of highly collaborative interactions and Open Space sessions. You should attend this event if you want are ready to interact with other attendees, not just sit and listen.


Audience: developers, architects · Location: Malmö, Sweden · Date: 6–8 Nov 2019


The conference gathers 1300 participants to talk about Web, Data Science, Cloud, .Net, AR/VR, IoT, Agile, Android, Machine Learning, Architecture, AI, Quality, Security, DevOps, Java, JavaScript, Tools, and much more. Diversity of talks is making Øredev one of the most interesting conference to attend. Only at Øredev you will hear about cognitive aspects of software design and morality.

NDC London

Audience: developers, architects · Location: London, UK · Date: 27-31 Jan 2020


NDC is one of the best .NET conferences in Europe. NDC speakers come from all over the world and are recognized as experts and thought leaders in their field. What I like about NDC is that it offers many full-day workshops. The conference also runs in Copenhagen, Oslo, Sydney and Minnesota.


Audience: developers, architects · Location: Riga, Latvia · Date: 6–7 Dec 2019


DevTernity is the top 3 international software development conference in Europe. Located in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful city of Riga, this well-organized conference focuses on the core skills paramout to your success – code design, software architecture and leadership. Organizers promise no agile bulsh**t or marketing talks. This is a must-see event!


I picked the best conferences for your convenience. Here is the full conference list:

Mark your calendars and make your choices soon. Prices may vary based on how early you register. Also, remember that hotel and travel costs are generally separate from the conference pricing. Have fun!